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twisted stomach [Jun. 3rd, 2009|02:44 pm]

got a twitter account today! abit slow but yes. lynn & i were bored after lunch with the VP so we created twitter accounts. haha now we can stalk xiaxue, FML and perez.
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met up with Mona of C.A.R.E. Singapore on Monday. decided to sign up for the secondary school camp, and so will be away from 19-21 June! doubt that'll make a big difference to anyone but FYI, 21st June is FATHER'S DAY!

my stomach is really twisted now from the lack of bowel movement. the last time i probably did my business was saturday?!? i swear i've got problems with digestion. maybe i ought to prick my fingertips like the koreans do. read on soompi yesterday that it works. of course there's a risk of hepatitis if i dont do it right....

supperclub tonight!

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